Frequently Asked Questions

Which Courier used?

We use the Express Courier B.R.T. (Bartolini) through Poste Partner Service srl.

How much does the shipping cost?

For customers residing outside Italy, please consult the catalogue and place your order by sending a wish list to We will answer to you with information about the cost and time of the shipment.

For shipments inside Italy, the shipping costs vary depending on the weight of the order and the place of destination.

During the purchase process, once you enter the shipping address, the shipping costs are automatically calculated and displayed before the total amount.

For orders greater than or equal to € 80,00 the shipping is free.

Shipping costs in Italy:

Peninsula (mainland): from kg to kg
0,00 3,00 € 10,00
3,01 10,00 € 12,00
10,01 20,00 € 16,00
20,01 30,00 € 18,00
30,01 50,00 € 27,00
50,01 100,00 € 37,00
100,01 150,00 € 52,00
Smaller islands: Add € 10,00 to peninsula cost
Venice: Add € 25,00 to peninsula cost
Campione d’Italia: Add € 80,00 to peninsula cost
Sicilia, Sardegna, and Calabria: from kg to kg
0,00 3,00 € 12,00
3,01 10,00 € 16,00
10,01 20,00 € 20,00
20,01 30,00 € 22,00
30,01 50,00 € 37,00
50,01 100,00 € 42,00
100,01 150,00 € 72,00

Is there a minimum order?

The minimum amount of an order is € 20.

Can the prices vary?

We do our best to keep prices constant and always as reasonable as possible.

Our business policy is to not make periods of promotions below cost. So you know you can always buy the weat products at the best possible price.

Is the shipping included in the products price?

No, the prices are exclusive of shipping charges. However, with orders above € 80, the shipping will be free of charges.

Do i need to have an account to purchase?

You do not need to have an account to purchase on our website. However, without an account you will not be able to collect weat points, hence enjoy the discounts and offers. If you are not registered yet, we recommend doing so during the purchase process by selecting “Create Account” and entering a password for your new weat account.

This is simple, and free.

How do I register?


Enter the requested information (email and password) and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

You will receive an email with a link in order to confirm your email address and activate your account.

How do I know that my order is confirmed?

When you place an order you will receive a confirmation email providing you with:

  • the order number
  • the shipping and billing data
  • the list of ordered products
  • the total amount payed or to be payed.

In case you did not receive the email, make sure it did not end up in the Junk Mail folder.

If I had not yet found the confirmation email please contact us.

When do I need to pay?

If you have selected to pay by credit card or PayPal you will be immediately redirected to the PayPal site. If the payment does not go through, please contact us, and we will send you a link in order to redo the payment by credit card.

If you have chosen to pay by bank transfer you will receive an email with instructions and details on how to make the transfer. Remember that you have three (3) days from the moment the order was placed to make the payment. The order will be taken over only when a proof of payment have been sent by email to If the proof of payment is not received within three (3) days the order is discarded and you will have to redo the order.

Which payment methods can i use?

  • PayPal: Once you click on “Submit Order” you will be redirected to PayPal’s site where you can pay with your PayPal account.
  • Credit card: We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and Visa Electron (Postepay included).
  • Bank transfer: Once you click on “Submit Order” you will receive an email with instructions and information on how to make the transfer. The order will be processed after you send the proof that the payment is completed.

Do I need to have a PayPal account in order to pay by credit card?

No, you do not need a PayPal account. You can pay by credit card by inserting the required data.

Is the payment by credit card secure?

Payment by credit card uses the PayPal systems and all data are encrypted end-to-end using the SSL protocol. Learn more about PayPal security.

Our website does not store any credit card numbers.

Where do you ship? offers shipping throughout Italy from the online shop.

For shipments outside Italy please contact us by email to place the order:

How long does it take to process the order?

The orders received within Tuesday at 16:00 are prepared and shipped on Wednesday morning.

What is the points collecting program “+weat”?

+weat is a points collecting program that gives you points for every purchase of weat products.

Reach the target and (get access to) enjoy discounts on our Live-experiences:

  • holiday stays next to our producers.
  • leisure activities during your vacation.

How can I collect weat points?

You can collect points by:

  • Registering on our website.
  • Inviting other users to register.
  • Purchasing from our online shop.
  • Shopping at our local partners (cafes, wine bars, restaurants and shops) that sell weat products accompanied by weat points card.

How do i get weat points?

You can get weat points in the following ways:

  • 5 points by registering at the Site.
  • 2 points for every euro spent on products from the online shop, excluding the costs of shipping and other ancillary costs. The points will be credited directly to your account.
  • 5 points for each new user that registers after being invited by you. Your friend must register with the link with the unique code present in your personal area.
  • 45 points by purchasing or consuming weat products at our local partners listed in the Retailers section. In this case you will receive a “weat points card” with a hidden unique code. In order to have the points credited to your account you need to: a) scratch the designated area of the weat points card and discover the hidden code, b) register on the site or access your personal area, c) enter the code in the space provided in your personal area. Once the points are credited, the code cannot be used again.

Where do I find places selling weat products?

You can find a list of shops, restaurants, wine bars, and other partner where you can buy weat products in the Live Experiences section under Dealers. Purchases are accompanied with weat points cards.

How many types of weat points card exist?

There is one type of weat points card that accompanies the products in shops, restaurants, and other partners that gives you the opportunity to collect weat points.

The weat points card is worth 45 points.

In order to be credited the weat points you need to:

  • Scratch the designated area on the weat point card and uncover the hidden code.
  • Register on the site or access your personal area.
  • Enter the code in your personal area.

Once the points are credited, the code cannot be used again.

What kind of benefits can I enjoy with the weat voucher?

By accumulating weat points you can request the issuance of the holiday Voucher which entitles you to several benefits:

  • Get 20% discount for an overnight stay of at least three nights at selected accommodations suggested on our website. The voucher gives the right to book more accommodations among those present on the website, as long as accommodation names and booking dates are provided at the moment you request the voucher and before printing it. The discount is only spendable for services of bed and breakfast.
  • Get 10% discount on the rates for all live-experience presented on our website.
  • Get 10% discount on products bought at the direct selling points of our producers listed on our website.

The Voucher cannot be sold and cannot be converted in money.

The benefits of the Voucher can not be accumulated for single user for a single use.

How many points do I need to request the weat voucher?

We offer three different types of holiday Vouchers (couple, group of 5 persons, and group of 8 persons) that are related to the amount of points you have accumulated:

  • Voucher for a couple = 800 points
  • Voucher for a group up to 5 persons = 1300 points
  • Voucher for a group up to a maximum of 8 persons = 1600 points

How can I request a voucher for the holiday?

Once you have accumulated enough points to request one of our vouchers you can:

  • Visit the holiday accommodations page and choose the place(s) where would like to you stay.
  • Contact directly the desired holiday accommodation(s) and check for availability.
  • Book your holiday at the chosen accommodation(s).
  • Access your Personal area and fill in the voucher information:
    • First day of use for the voucher.
    • First and last name of the person who has booked the holiday accommodation (the name on the voucher must match the name provided for the reservation).
    • Name of the booked accommodation.
  • Date of arrival and date of departure of the holiday accommodation(s).
  • Double-check the data provided, click on “Issue the Voucher”, print and keep your voucher.
  • Check your weat points balance on your account after the issuance of the voucher.*
  • Enjoy your vacation!

*In cases of force majeure, should you need to postpone your vacation and cancel your reservations at the selected holiday accommodation(s), please send an email to, at least 30 days before the start date of the validity of the voucher, with the name of your reservation. Once verified the data, you will be given the opportunity to recover the points used.

For how long is my voucher valid?

The holiday Voucher is valid for 1 month (30 days) from the day you have requested as starting day.

How many times can I use holiday vouchers?

The holiday Voucher can be used every day of the week including weekends and holidays during the period of validity stated on the voucher, and for the number of people foreseen by the type of holiday Voucher.

If used at holiday accommodations, each holiday voucher is valid for one or more reservations (but only for one place) for a minimum stay of three nights and not beyond the period of validity of the Voucher.

It is your responsibility to communicate to wePromote in advance which holiday accommodations you will go to.

All services are accessible depending on the availability of the holiday accommodation. It is advisable, therefore, to book well in advance.

How do I order on

At the moment it is only possible to order from the online shop if your shipping address is in Italy:

  • Choose the products from the online shop.
  • Add the products to the cart.
  • If you are not yet registered, please insert your billing and shipping information (the addresses for billing and shipping can be different).
  • Accept the Terms of Purchase and the Privacy Policy.
  • Select the payment method.
  • Complete the order by completing the payment.
  • Once the products are shipped you will receive an email with the tracking code to follow the shipment.

For customers residing outside Italy, please consult the catalogue and contact weat by email to place your order.

The prices include VAT?

Yes, the prices include Italian VAT.

Are the products on the website available?


The online shop only publishes products that are currently available.

If the ordered quantities should exceed those currently available we will contact you and you can decide whether to receive the partial order and have the rest refunded, or cancel the entire order with full refund of the amount paid.