Regulations +weat

Regulation for the +weat Point Collection Program


wePromote Srl., registered office in Rome (RM), Via Valle Aurina 1 / C, VAT number: 12804801004 (wePromote) has elaborated and coordinated the use of the +weat point collection program (hereby +weat).


This initiative offers the possibility to weat customers to enjoy discounts on holiday accomodations, live experiences and purchase of products during their stay in Italy.

+weat gives you the opportunity to earn points at each purchase of weat products.

The Customer can collect points in three different ways:

  1. by registering on the website;
  2. by inviting other persons to register on the website;
  3. once registered the account:
    1. buying on the web shop;
    2. purchasing or consuming weat products from the Retailers listed in the Retailers Area. In this case, the customer will receive a “weat point card” with a unique code. In order to receive the extra points the customer should: i) scratch the designated area of the weat point card and discover the unique code; ii) enter the code in the personal area of the website. The code cannot be used again once the points are credited and the Customer will see the points in the point balance.

Where to get the weat point cards

Under the Buy section the customer can find the list of our Partners where they can purchase and/or taste weat products, continuing in this way to accumulate points through the Card.

Value of 1 weat point and weat point card

1 (one) point is equivalent to a cost of € 0.50 on the e-commerce platform.

There is only one type of Card. The Card accompanies the product in the Partner shop, restaurant, or winebar and gives the opportunity to the customer to continue collecting WEAT Points. The value of a single card is 45 points. At any purchase from a Partner, independently of the real economic value of the goods purchased, the customer will receive 1 (one) Card.

The advantages of the +weat program

By accumulating points with weat the Customer can request the Vacation & Live Experiences Voucher (the Voucher) and enjoy several benefits.

The Voucher entitles Customers to enjoy discounts on stays and holidays at Partners’ holiday accommodations close to the producers. In addition, the Voucher gives the opportunity to benefit from additional discounts for Live-experiences.

Holiday & Live Experiences Voucher Regulation

The initiative is valid from 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2017.

Article 1 – Introduction

The initiative Holiday Voucher & Live Experiences (hereinafter Voucher) aims to promote Italy and its Regions as an ideal place to spend a holiday of at least three days, as well as promote the territory and its cultural activities and traditions.

Article 2 – Promoter / organizer

wePromote S.r.l. with headquarters in Via Valle Aurina 1C / 4, 00124 (Rome), VAT number: IT 12804801004 (hereinafter, wePromote) has created and coordinates the use of the Voucher.

For additional information about the voucher, customers can call the wePromote Contact Center at the number +39 0578 896069 or send an email to

Article 3 –  Conditions for Membership/ Beneficiaries

The beneficiaries are customers and / or consumers of products selected, marketed and sold under the brand WEAT.  The Beneficiaries will receive and accumulate points for every purchase of weat products sold through the website  (the Site) or through shops and partner restaurants.

Each participant agrees to provide complete data and information, updated and truthful, and to take all the responsibility in case of any false statement or incomplete or erroneous data.

In order to use the voucher, the Beneficiary must accept these Regulation as well as the Regulation for the Collection of Points “+ Weat”.

Article 4 – Territory

The initiative is valid throughout the national Italian territory, at the holiday accommodations, the shops and restaurants listed on the Site and partnered with wePromote.

Article 5 – Voucher Features

Three types of the Vouchers are available (couple, group of 5 people and group of 8 people) and are related to the amount of points accumulated through the Points Collection Program “+ weat”:

  • Voucher for a pair = 800 points (€ 400.00 of spending);
  • Voucher for a group of up to 5 people = 1300 points (€ 650.00 of spending);
  • Voucher for groups of up to a maximum of 8 persons = 1,600 points (€ 800.00 of spending);

The Vouchers can not be combined and used at the same accommodation, suppliers of live-experiences and points of sale of the producers.

Article 6 – Request and Issuance of the Voucher

In order to request a Vouchers the customer must:

  • have accumulated enough points through the Collection Points Program “+ weat”;
  • visit the accommodation area of the Site and choose the accommodation where he/she would like to stay;
  • contact the accommodation and check for availability;
  • book the holiday at the accommodation;
  • enter the personal area and apply for the Holiday Voucher by giving the following information:
    • first day of use for the voucher. This should coincide with the date of arrival;
    • first and last names of those who have booked the holiday at the property (the name on the voucher must match the name given for the reservation at the accommodation);
    • name of the accommodation where the reservation was made.
    • date of arrival and departure at each accommodation;
  • check your entry, click on “Request voucher”, and wait for acceptance and issuance of vouchers by wePromote;
  • print and keep your voucher.

Article 7 – Validity of the Holiday and Live Experiences Voucher

The Voucher is valid for 1 month (30 days) from the date indicated as a starting date of use by the customer while issuing the voucher.

Article 8 – Use of the Voucher

8.1 – Contractual Subjects (the Parties)

The accommodation reservation is a contract made directly between the customer the holiday accommodation. wePromote is not contractual part and does not assume any obligations. In particular, the facilities are responsible for the proper execution of the contract, the protection of the personal data collected and the accuracy of information provided. wePromote is relieved from any liability arising from the failure, partial or improper performance of services under this Regulation.

8.2 – The reservation

Every partnered holiday accommodation has a dedicated page on the site containing its location, description, services, photographs, website and references for the booking. The pictures of the holiday accommodation are real and truthful. The reservation should be done via email or telephone by contacting the holiday accommodation. It is the Beneficiary´s responsibility to communicate to the accommodations that he/she wants to take advantage of the Weat agreement. It is also his/her responsibility to ensure that the booking is made under this agreement.

8.3 – Discounts

The voucher gives you 20% discount at partnered Holiday Accomodations listed on the Website, for a minimum stay of three (3) nights and for the entire duration of the stay if longer than three nights.

The discount also applies for booking at additional Accommodations provided the dates for the stays are indicated when the voucher is requested.

Note: The discount is made directly by the hotel, discounting the hotel bill.

In addition to the discount on accommodation, there are two other types of discounts:

  1. 20% discount on rates for all Live-Experience present at the Site (for example guided tours, Vintage tours on two wheels, wine and cheese tasting …);
  2. 10% discount purchases at direct selling points of our producers listed on the site;

Note: The Holiday & Live Experiences Voucher is nominal and shall be presented at each purchase and presented prior to the issuance of the receipt.

8.4 – Force Majeure

If the customer were to postpone his/her holiday, cancel the Voucher and cancel reservations at the facilities he/she has booked, the points used can be recovered by sending an email to with the name of the booked hotel at at least 30 days prior to the voucher starting date. After verification, you will have the opportunity to recover the points used. In all cases of cancellation wePromote allows re-use of the voucher until its natural expiry date (validity of points accumulated).

8.5 – Cancellation policy

When making a booking in an accommodation, the Beneficiary accepts and approves the relevant cancellation and no-show policies at the accommodation and any other rules or additional condition applicable for the reservation.

8.6 – Complaints

In case of complaints regarding the services received, the Beneficiary is entitled to receive clarifications with regards to the dispute; to this end the Beneficiary is invited to report the reason of any complaint directly to the management of the holiday accommodation. In addition, the Beneficiary is invited to signal any complaint to wePromote, in order to facilitate the improvement of the service and selection of partners.