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We are four young professionals with passion for great food, our beautiful Italy and of course its culture and traditions. Through weat.it we aim to increase awareness and connection between consumers and the source of our fantastic products: the great local producers dedicated to the territory! Above all, we choose products and artisans worth celebrating, artisans that are upholding traditions and improving upon them, sustaining the local economy.

Great food isn’t just about ingredients. It’s about history, people that produced the ingredients and those who cook them. It is about the view while you are eating as well as the minute details on your table. Weat.it wants to be the place where we reflect all this and where you can daydream, too.


Erjon Abazaj, foto

Erjon Abazaj

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Simone Ercolani, foto

Simone Ercolani

Co-founder & Retail Manager
Jonida Abazaj, foto

Jonida Abazaj

Co-founder & Administration
Stefano Orfei, foto

Stefano Orfei

Co-founder & CTO

weat is a brand of wePromote srl


Via Valle Aurina 1/C
00124 Roma RM

Via del Trifoglio 3
53045 Montepulciano SI

IT 12804801004

+39 0578 896069
+39 0578 891044

Share capital €15.000 i.v.
SCIA (Segnalazione Certificata di Inizio Attività) presented with telematic mode on 15/04/2014 at Montepulciano (SI).

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